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User Submission: Invisibility Glitch

Hello mates!

A message from Jordan reached me and it contains a invisibility glitch after patch 1.11 and possibly after patch 1.12:

I got an invisibility glitch! Go on GTA Online, and make sure your garage is full! This glitch works way more better and well with the eclipse tower/apartment garage (400k dollars). Once your garage is full with cars, get a random car off the street (not your own car, or a premium car found on the street like an Infernus), drive the car to the garage door. The message that says your garage is full and to replace the vehicle your using you got to replace one. When this message occurs, on PS3 press X and O on your controller at the SAME TIME (keep 2 fingers on X and O and press at the same time). And for Xbox 360 I believe is B and A and press at the same time the same way you would for PS3

If done correctly, the message should disappear and your still outside and your car is invisible! On your screen, it shows your car vanished and your character sitting up in the air, but for others, you and your car are invisible! Sometimes, you will also be off the radar too, which is good for trolling!

The only problems are that if you go too far from the garage, the car will reappear and you are now seen! But you may be off the radar for a while probably! Another problem is that if you do the button pressing wrong, you will be in your garage and it will be asking you which car to replace. If this occurs, press O and X on PS3 and on Xbox 360 which like I said I believe is B and A.
I and Jordan didn’t tried this out but it sounds damn cool. It’s like a godmode glitch, because the police cant see you when you shoot at them or at innocent pedestrians terrorists. So please comment if this glitch work or not!

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