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GTA V PC Version Release After E3?

Rumors, rumors, and lots of more rumors…This is the only one what a PC-User get from Rockstar Games.
It is so sad, that the PC-Users get disadvantage. It’s still a big and powerful community and they
deserve it to get informed about a clear and save release date for the GTA V PC Version.

I’m feeling with all of you, because I’m wayting too.

Cried enough…

There is much debate to be had when it comes to Grand Theft Auto V’s appearance on the next generation of consoles. Rockstar has stated time and time again that they refuse to comment on a new version of the game. Gamers have speculated that Rockstar, in an attempt to improve the graphical capabilities of the game, will likely port the popular title. When you think about it, it makes sense: Grand Theft Auto V came out only two months before the new consoles did, leaving many wondering why they hadn’t simply developed for both generations.

According to GamingReplay, “Grand Theft Auto V arrives at next generation in June!!! What are you waiting for to be one of the first to play it on your PS4 or Xbox One?” Some people are not waiting, as many retailers have begun to take pre-orders for a next-gen iteration of the title despite Rockstar’s lack of a confirmation.

That’s what you can read at Gamer Headlines.

So I think GTA V for PC will be released at 12-14 June this year. Hopefully!
Otherwise I have to poo in a parcel and send this to Rockstar Games.

What do you think when the game will be released for PC?

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