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GTA 5 Unlimited Money (Tutorial)

Newly updated tutorial for the Unlimited / Infinite Money Glitch in GTA 5 – This one using a $25K drop instead of the $12K.

How to farm an unlimited amount of Money/Cash in Grand Theft Auto V.

This trick will let you respawn a $25K money drop and pick it up repeatedly as many times as you want.

Note: This location will occasionally cause your character to drift away from the case, in which case you will have to swim back towards it. If you’d rather ‘idle’ at a more hands-off location, you can use the $12K money drop shown here:…

Also, the closer your characters are to one another, the quicker the transition between the two will be. Be careful not to get too close though, as when you are too near the character underwater they will end up dying and respawning.


Text Tutorial:

  • Travel to the location shown on map with any character.
  • Once here, dive underwater. You should see a large amount of wreckage on the ocean floor.
  • Dive to the wreckage; you should see an open hatch on top with a glowing briefcase nearby.
  • Pick up the glowing briefcase..
  • As soon as you collect the item (you will gain $25K), switch to a different character.
  • Immediately switch back to the character that is underwater.

**Doing this will respawn the item, as well as completely refill your air meter, allowing you to remain underwater.

-If you’re placed correctly, you should pick up the item as soon as you gain control (if you’re placement is off, you may need to swim back over to the item).

-Repeat this cycle as many times as you wish to continue acquiring more money.

(If you are having trouble finding the item initially, make sure to switch back and forth to another character as soon as you start taking damage from lack of air; if you do not switch to another character and back again, you will die and respawn at a hospital.)

Thanks to SomeFilthyCasuals again for this great tutorial. No more problems with money, thank you!

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