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GTA 5 Online – 3,000 to 10,000 RP PER Minute Glitch

Hello Mates!

Today I have another cool glitch for you.  Now, after using unlimited money glitches and beeing damn ritch you need some reputation points. RSPproductionz found out how you can get from 3,000 up to 10,000 RP per Minute!

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Here is the exact description for this glitch:

Go to a campaign game.

Have your friend set up an online invite only game

After you have joined his online invite only session you need to go to your phone and then to the internet browser down at the bottom, while still in the internet browser hit the start button and scroll to right to the xbox or playstation store and click on that and while it is taking you to the store quickly click the start button again and then go to the online tab and go to the bottom and click on Leave GTA Online.
At that point you will see the clouds loading screen and then it will take you to the xbox or playstation store, from there press B or Circle depending on the controller to back out, from there you will see the loading screen with the clouds again and then it will show your campaign character but you will not be able to move, so click start and scroll to the right again and go to the xbox or playstation store, click on that and a screen will come up and say ALERT. Go ahead and hit A or X to go to store, once in the store just click B or Circle to back out and from there you should be fully in your friends game session as your campaign character and be able to move.

First, There must be 3 or more players in this lobby for this glitch

Second, the host must be the passenger in the Campaign characters car

And the host must enter the campaign characters car with wanted stars, doesn’t matter how many wanted stars just 1 to 5 stars

So now drive to the host while you have a job, make sure the host has wanted stars and have them enter the vehicle as the passenger

Now pull out your phone after he enters the vehicle and click on the job list, when you try to click on the job that you set up earlier, it will not let you do the job, instead Lester will pop up like here in the video on the phone and say you need to pay $500 to lose the cops to be able to accept the invite, you are going to click yes and pay the $500, but because the game is all glitched out the cops come right back, so Lester immediately refunds you the $500 and you keep the rp that it is giving you for doing this. And you can keep doing this over and over again, cause the cops keep coming back and you get to keep paying to get them off of you and then you get refunded. Its and endless circle, so keep spamming the hell out of your phone
So after the host enters the vehicle and you start spamming your phone, your job is to drive to an area where the host cannot be seen by the cops, and the way to know if he is being seen or not is the little gps map on the bottom left of his screen, it will be flashing red if he is being seen, if he is not being seen by the cops it will not be flashing and this is what you want, this is the only way you will get the RP, is if the Host is NOT being seen by the cops. You will not be able to see his gps, only yours so just keep driving and spamming the phone. Also, the host will not get RP only the campaign character that is driving and spamming the phone. If the campaign character is being seen by the cops that is perfectly fine, it makes no difference the glitch will still work.
IF you want a ton of RP then have the host piss off the cops until he has 5 stars, then get to some train tracks and drive on the tracks, that seems to be a good place to keep him from being seen, but you have to drive the whole time, also have the host shoot his gun out of the car occasionally to keep the cops on you guys. When the cops are gone the glitch is over.

If you want to just sit stationary and do this glitch then have the host only acquire 1 to 2 stars, then you guys can just go sit on a hill and the host will not be seen, you will not get as much RP when the wanted stars level in lower.

Again only the campaign character gets the RP for this glitch, also if the host dies the glitch will still work, if the campaign character dies the glitch will stop working. The RP that is acquired will be automatically saved and when you play with your regular online character you will have all the rp from this glitch.

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