Want to grind rp without all that frustrating grinding and effort? You will need the following items:
a marker, lighter, battery or similar shaped object
a buzzard
the mission base invaders

You need to unlock ron, and call him til you get Base Invaders which is a lvl 28 requirement
for a buzzard.

Start the mission, and get into the plane. immediately ditch that sorry aircraft and find a buzzard, call it if you got it. fly to the base and let the rockets lock on to all the enemies you can find, and blow up the lazers. afterwards, look at the large hangar east of the one the cargobob spawns in. aim in the open area in front of the cargobob spawn and search for the respawning enemies. facing this direction, land on the smaller roof to the right of the large eastern hangar. put your small object onto your controller and tape it down so it holds x. enjoy 25 rp per kill and go read a book, watch tv,, play with your pet, socialize with people, go outside and live a while away from your console. whatever your choice, you’ll be getting continuous rp while you’re away at a rate of about 30-60 kills per minute at 25 rp per kill. you can get roughly 15000 rp per hour for nothing.

Heres a picture of the spot:

“Ignore the yellow box, look at the purple circle instead. The containers are blue, so I drew a blue blob – there’s 2 stacks, I used the right-hand one when facing the target zone. You’re high enough to get the missiles safely away, but low enough that they barely need to adjust course, and the enemies are running straight at you.”

And here’s a video of the glitch:

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