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Bypass The Cheater Pool & Bad Sport

You where getting banned for cheating without any reason and now you’ve lost all your money, rp, car and other stuff? Well, here is a damn good solution for you to bypass the cheater pool, get rid of the dunce cap and get back all your things!

Someone called iamz3ro from the se7ensins forum found out a solution for this problem. He played a bit with the rockstar servers and tried several things because of beeing bored:

I was playing around with Rockstar’s server and found that rosgamersettings.json on the Xbox 360 was not encrypted when viewed from the browser and spoofing an Scs-Ticket:

This opened the door to a full cheater pool and bad sport bypass. The file looks like this (if you’re a cheater):

If you use Charles to block access to RosGamersSettings.json, it will load the defaults and cause you to lose your cheater status.

NOTE: Going back into the cheater pool will cause you to lose your money again. If you block access again, you may get your money back. Be careful.

Hopefully, they don’t patch this sweet little vulnerable.

Source: se7ensins

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