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GTA V for PC coming soon?

Rumours, rumours, rumours and some proofs.

The last days the ice is getting thinner and thinner for Rockstar.

A user called warrockteam1 posted a video of the GTA 5 footage claiming to be from the PC version. Rockstar acts really quick and took the video down, however the video was posted on another video sharing site. Take 2 Games banned the video immediately for copyright infringement.

Some suspect that the video is fake.

Here are some facts of the video:

  • Sketchy looking menu options choices and mouse movements
  • Poorly recorded by a Camcorder, Webcam or smartphone
  • Frame rates are at 30 FPS (this is the standard frame rate for console games, PC use mostly higher frame rates)

What do you think? Fake or no fake?


Release Date Rumored for March

Some retailers have indicated that the game will be arriving on PC on March 12 or March 18 or first week of April!

Below you can see a Screenshot of an Employee answering questions about the release date of GTA 5 for PC

gta 5 pc release proof march


We will hope Rockstar announce the release date of GTA V fo PC as soon as possible.

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