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Unlimited Money Glitch After patch 1.11

Hello everyone!

Today we have a Guestsubmission from Monsterly.

This is the Glitch he submitted to us:


  • Host an invite only session.
  • Call Pegasus for a tank.
  • Drive the tank back to the apartment and reverse tank into the center of garage door.
  • Get out and enter garage.
  • Drive out the you vehicle you wish to sell, the Jester pays out the most so far around $160,000 fully upgraded.
  • You should spawn down the street from the apartment.
  • Call Mors Mutual Insurance.
  • If done correctly, there will be a claim for the vehicle so now claim insurance on it.
  • Now purchase a Rebel from the car site on the phone.
  • Go to LS customs and call mechanic to deliver the Rebel before you drive in.
  • Don’t repair the vehicle just sell it.
  • It only works for a few times until you won’t be able to claim the insurance anymore, just host another invite only session then rinse and repeat.

Thank you very much for the submission!

  • Mitchell

    What do you do with the rebel after that?

    • Wizzy


      • ss

        but then i have to buy rebel again? I don’t need them so many

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