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Unlimited Money And RP Glitch After Patch 1.08

Hello mates!

Today I’ve found out, the old glitch isn’t working. No more unlimited money for all of us.


Here’s a small description and a video for you how you can earn unlimited money and rp after patch 1.08:


  1. Go to the menu -> online -> jobs -> host job and start the mission “Potshot”
  2. Change the difficulty to “hard” to get more RP
  3. Start the mission and do what you have to do
  4. When the “passed” window appears, press permanently the square button on PS3 or X button on XBOX
  5. Now you can restart the mission over and over again!

Have fun with this cool glitch!

  • GHOSTxCh40S

    What’s The “passed” Window?

    • gtcc

      When the Job is done you get a screen with “failed” or “passed”. As you can see in the video

  • Ehh

    Doesn’t work

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