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GTA 5 Gate Launch Glitch (Tutorial)

This guide shows you the location of, and how to perform the “Gate Launch” glitch to catapult your car/vehicle insane heights and distances in GTA V. This launch style is very similar to those that are possible using the “Swingset Glitch” in GTA IV.



-Map Loc, Full:
-Map Loc, Med:
-Map Loc, Close:

-Gate Locations – Exact:

-Gate 1:
-Gate 2:
-Gate 3:


Thanks to SomeFilthyCasuals for this great tutorial. We had a lot of fun at trying this out.

  • Juan

    How is this a good tutorial? You basically said “yeah just go here and hope for the best. We don’t exactly know what to do yet but we got it to work a few times”

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