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DNS Codes January 13th After Patch 1.09

Hello mates!

New Year, New Style and a New Category!


From now on you get the freshest dns codes for gta 5 online to earn money and rp. Even when you’re in the cheater pool, you can join these lobbies.


Here are the first DNS Codes:





  • wodjawd

    how do this work

    • gtcc

      Quick DNS text tutorial for Xbox 360:

      1. Go to System Settings

      2. Then select Network Settings

      3. Once there click on your currently connected network

      4. Press Configure Network

      5. Select DNS Settings

      6. Change them to manual and enter the primary and secondary DNS you desire.

      How to use on PS3:

      Go to networks

      Go to the setting where you scan for modem

      Go on custom not easy

      Now go to DNS and put manual, then enter the code as the primary
      number (EXAMPLE: ) and leave secondary as, then
      test connection

      Now delete the gta5 cache (78mb file) in the game utility

      • Bryan

        After these steps for ps3, what do you do?

      • Keyvine Aubameyang

        Please I don’t know how to get money I try it won’t work please help me to have money that my Xbox live ViolonCoquin91

  • Dsatan666

    This doesn’t work for xbox 360 all I need is rp I got deranked .

  • Bootsy

    Which dns lobby is for Rp?

  • Cis Adriaensen

    r those working?

    • Camron

      They don’t work.

  • joe cline

    can u tell us one for money

  • Jordan

    Dows this work

  • jj

    GT-tygaiii i neeed money PLZ HELP XBOX LIVE

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